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Beta Business days

You are going to the supermarket...
Tonight, you are in the mood for a healthy pasta, so you buy a bunch of tomatoes. You also purchase some chrysanthemums, as you like fresh flowers on the table. Have you ever wondered where that bunch of tomatoes or those chrysanthemums come from? Both probably have an origin in Seed Valley: the worldwide center for plant breeding and seed technology, located in Noord-Holland. Dozens of companies work on new and improved vegetable and flower varieties on the daily. These are different types of companies: breeding companies that develop new vegetable and flower varieties; seed technology companies that improve the quality of seeds after they have been produced, and suppliers such as machine builders.

Why work in Seed Valley?
Worldwide, the changing climate leads to extreme weather conditions. In addition to that, the global population is growing rapidly. In 2050, 10 billion people will inhabit the world. In Seed Valley, we work on the development of varieties that are ready for the future: crops that continue to grow under extreme weather conditions or crops that are suitable for modern cultivation methods. These modern cultivation methods ensure that we can provide everyone with healthy food while saving space, energy, and water.
The development of new varieties requires knowledge of, among other things, plant cultivation, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, and bioinformatics. Specialists work together in teams. This process combines the classic principles of genetics, the selection of the desired traits, and the introduction of new technologies. Whereas breeders previously had to wait until a plant was fully grown to see whether it would turn into a yellow or red pepper, for example, this can now be seen in the DNA of a seedling at an early stage. As a result, the breeding process is two or three times faster. Breeders collect much information about the properties of plants with the help of automation and bioinformatics, making it possible to introduce new varieties to the market faster. In addition, developments in seed technology ensure ever-better seed quality: they germinate at the same time, grow uniformly, and are more resistant to diseases.

Natural talent

Believe it or not, but almost everyone can work in Seed Valley. In addition to researchers and plant scientists, companies are also looking for communication-, crop care-, logistics-, IT-, production- and administration employees. Every year Seed Valley companies look for 300 new colleagues who want to contribute to healthy food and a flowering world. Would you like to work at a Seed Valley company? Check or pass by our stand.