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Beta Business days

Tech-savvy and highly educated? Check out the House of Bèta traineeships!

Beta can mean many things, being ‘Bèta’ only one: someone with a strong inclination towards maths, natural sciences, empirical data, and technology. Being tech savvy means having to learn continuously. After all, like time, technology waits for no one. A Bèta doesn’t mind. Better yet, a Bèta always strives to stay up to speed. Both in terms of knowledge and in terms of skill. That’s the reason Bètas prefer to kick off their careers with a traineeship at House of Bèta. Our Academy and the possibility to perform changing assignments for major Dutch companies, all under the guidance of an experienced People Manager, ensure you develop the skillset the future labour market demands.

Train your brain
Knowledge and development go hand in hand. That is why House of Bèta has its own academy. Learn to program, develop your communication skills or take part in the project management training. Train your brain unlimited. Nice extra: with every training course you complete, your salary will grow considerably.

Show your worth
You showcase your skills at our clients throughout the Netherlands such as ING, Nationale Spoorwegen, Eneco and Nationale Nederlanden. Our highly trained data and IT professionals are send out to our clients to help them overcome a lack of capacity or knowledge. We do this temporarily but competently. Your advantage is that you are assured of variety in work and of an employer who knows you are working hard on your own development.

Manage your skills
Together with your own people manager, you shape your employee status and self-development goals and select the education and training you need. Good to know, we also reward excellent development with an excellent salary increase!

Have fun while doing it!
Our motto is Work smart, Play hard! At the client it is work smart, at House of Bèta it is play hard. During our ski trip, the quarterly pub quiz, our camping trips or numerous other events at the office. Are you coming over to join in a game of FIFA?

Join House of Bèta!
Are you tech-savvy, highly educated and does our story appeal to you? Then let’s work together on your development. Visit the website and apply or get acquainted without obligation. We are happy to tell you more!