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Beta Business days

Every day, our team members work on developing innovative solutions for customers around the world. Our employees’ passion, imagination, and determination are crucial to our success as a market leader. Whether you are a recent university graduate or an experienced professional, you have great ideas and skills, and BASF is the place to make your mark! Although we employ over 118,000 people throughout our company, we dedicate ourselves to mentoring and guiding each individual to finding the right path to their success.

At BASF, employees come together in interdisciplinary and global teams to realize exciting projects. BASF offers an incredible number of ways to enter the company and employs experts and professionals in a wide range of areas. Customize the content according to your preferences and see the opportunities that match your profile. Would you like to become part of ‘the best team’ as an intern, graduating student or maybe as an employee? Please check and find all the possibilities how to apply.