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Beta Business days

Web-IQ is an innovative company with a great sense of social responsibility. We are a world leader in providing web intelligence products and services to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and we are active in more than 30 countries. Web-IQ aims at technical innovation and we are often a few steps ahead of the rest.

Web-IQ offers technological solutions and expertise in the field of Web Intelligence. Our customers are national and international companies, public services and LEAs. We help them use the wealth of information from the open internet, dark web and social media to gain new insights, solve cases, help victims and improve their overall effectiveness and efficiency. Web-IQ's mission is to ensure that LEAs have the best online intelligence tools and data available to support them in the fight against serious crimes. We have a special focus on combatting child sexual exploitation (CSE).

We have recently set up Web-IQ Academy, which gives motivated students the opportunity to gain work experience in an international context, to work on innovative projects, to collaborate with highly regarded partners and to do all this under the supervision of our top developers. Students participating in the Web-IQ Academy will receive a good compensation. More information about the Web-IQ Academy can be found on our website (www.web-iq.com) or send an email to jobs@web-iq.com and we will give you more information.

The company has offices in Groningen (HQ), Amsterdam, Madrid and Vancouver. We are a company that values personal contact and as such have short lines of communication between the different offices and colleagues. Though current times do not allow us to see each other in real life, we usually have company outings with the entire team twice a year. Furthermore, we also had drinks in our HQ on Thursday afternoons and we hope we can resume this tradition very soon.