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Beta Business days

Think about everything you did before you came here today. You woke up, showered, maybe ate some cornflakes and drank a coffee, got dressed and drove here, or got a bus or train. These things are like second nature, but I can guarantee you that Eurofins played a part in making your morning safe, whether by testing your bed sheets and clothes to make sure they keep you warm, testing that the water you bathe in and drink is clean and your food is safe and nutritious, and that the vehicle you travelled in was going to get you here safely. From the air you breathe, to the food you eat, the everyday products you use and the medicines that make you well – Eurofins is behind the complex scientific processes which keep you safe.

Eurofins is a Group of independent laboratories which carry out scientific testing on a wide range of products and substances. It has grown to a team of 50,000 employees across over 800 laboratories in 50 different countries. Every year, we carry out over 400 million tests, each one designed to contribute to global health and safety.

But what can we do for you?
If you are a scientist, of course, we have an incredible variety of roles available in our labs all around the world. But we also have a huge number of roles in IT, sales, consulting, talent acquisition, project management, and many more. As a decentralised, entrepreneur-led company, we’re always looking for ambitious and motivated entrepreneurs. At Eurofins, we encourage autonomy and achievement: we empower graduates to advance quickly, and develop fast-track, long-term international careers. Regardless of where your talents lie, Eurofins can support you to progress and succeed in your field.