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Beta Business days

Lambert Instruments specializes in advanced imaging solutions. Founded in 1992, we started out with 2 employees. Nowadays, we have 10 employees, half of whom have an academic background.

We focus on the development, production and sales of advanced cameras systems, like high-speed cameras and fluorescence lifetime imaging cameras. A worldwide network of distributors supports our sales team in selling our imaging systems to researchers.

Our cameras are used for a wide variety of applications. Car manufacturers use our high-speed cameras to research combustion cycles in fuel-injection engines. Researchers in biomedicine use our fluorescence lifetime imaging cameras to study the behavior of cancer cells. Neuroscientists use our cameras to unravel the processes behind information storage in the brain.

We do all research, development and production of our products in-house. Our cameras use image intensifiers to detect light down to the single-photon level. We also use image intensifiers as an ultrafast shutter, enabling exposure times down to 3 ns. Such short exposure times eliminate motion blur, even in high-speed recordings of up to 100000 fps.

Because of the technological complexity of our products, we are looking for interns with an academic background in (applied) physics, biomedical engineering, computing science or artificial intelligence. The subject of an internship can vary from hardware characterization to working with fluorescence microscopes to writing software. Internships are usually 5 to 6 month projects. For more information, please visit our booth or send us an email.